Benefits of having a Travel SIM card for mobile internet

Stay connected and online with mobile internet in a foreign country.

TravSIM offers the best mobile internet deals so that you can stay connected to people and things that you simply can’t live without!

Want to access the latest news, find out what the weather is going to be in your destination city, learn what the latest currencies are, send pictures to your friends and family, inquire if a flight is going to be delayed or get directions by asking a navigational application? If you are travelling to a foreign country and don’t know the language, wouldn’t it be great to have an application that allows you to simply translate practically any language so that you can communicate with the locals? These are just a few examples of what information you can access when you have mobile internet. Our data SIM cards provide you all of this and much more!

TravSIM data SIM cards are your internet passport.

Keeping you informed requires mobile internet. Preparing you to succeed requires a travSIM data SIM card!



  1. Select from diverse data bundle options
  2. Best prices compared to other retailers
  3. Great international network coverage
  4. Fast and reliable internet to the speed of 4G/LTE
  5. Quick and easy activation
  6. Suitable for all SIM-lock free phones: Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, UMTS-Sticks and laptops
  7. Works on any SIM-lock free device with a SIM slot (we provide all SIM types – Standard, Micro & Nano)
  8. Have access to your email, news sites and social networking platforms
  9. Chat internationally, play games, send pictures and voice recordings
  10. Save a bundle!

The TravSIM data card is affordable, smart, easy to use and will save you money!

TravSIM mobile internet cards are suitable for business travellers, leisure tourists, students visiting or studying abroad, adventure travellers / backpackers, religious and echo tourists. So take the stress off your shoulders (worrying about data and calling in a foreign country) and focus on what’s important to you. Having a TravSim data card will allow you to do just that.

To stay connected in business, entertainment, social media and to all your friends and family, simply buy and load our travSIM data SIM card and have access to fast mobile internet anytime, anywhere! 


Mobile internet where every your are. Even on the beach in your holiday


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