Promotions, Discounts & Specials for travelers, travel groups and businesses

Everyone gets a discount!

We offer great discounts for all of our customers. We appreciate the support and want to give back to our fans. We also offer discounts for existing customers, so please contact our customer support for more information.


10 % Group discounts starting from 3 or more travelers

We know that many people travel in groups and we offer a great discount to all group travelers and families. It doesn’t matter what kind of group you are!

Staying connected within a group is important, especially in a foreign country. If all group members have a SIM card, they can communicate with one another cheaply and in some countries, free calls to other travSIM customers can be made. What is important is that you can stay connected and call each other to meet at a nice restaurant or attraction you just found. Call each other and call your loved ones at home all very cheap and worry free with our SIM cards. We recommend that at least one in the group purchase a data bundle to be able to use google maps or search for points of interests around you.

For groups over 5 travelers we offer individual support, advice and of course discounts. Please contact our customer service team to tell us about your group and requirements.

Special support and discounts for travel groups

Great discounts and support for travel groups from as little as 3 travelers.


Special deals and offers for businesses and business travelers

B2B deals and specialises offers for companies and business travelers


Companies and business travelers

We offer special deals and discounts to companies and business travelers. We have a sales team especially for business to business deals. Please contact our team so that we can understand your business and the requirements you have. In addition, the countries your employees travel to and how frequently.

We also offer deals to smaller companies and individual business persons who travel frequently.

We also ship worldwide for free, therefore it doesn’t matter where your business is or where you want us to ship your SIM card to. We also offer to ship to hotels or if you need it expediently, we can ship it with express shipment the very same day you order.

Please contact us now to give you the best possible deal.